nyenganyenga - swallow

Welcome to Nyenganyenga /nyenga nyenga/ Craft and Design.

Please enjoy the baskets, so beautifully crafted by rural women in Zimbabwe, and relish the colour and design of the homeware I create from shweshwe /shwe shwe/ fabric.


June 2020

I am currently in the process of shifting all the baskets and shweshwe products to my Etsy Shop. Please click on Nyenganyenga Craft and Design to find a selection of products. 

I am re branding.  So in the future I will be focusing on art prints, digital prints, stationery and homeware design. This means four things:

1. My Etsy shop will absorb my craft stock for now.

2. I will be populating this website with art and design products such as limited edition prints, tea towels, cups, cards and more.

3. I will come up with a new name for this website.

4. I will write about the environment and food and human kindness on another website called Cut the Air. I have written some things there already, but hope to do more writing in the future.

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