Our Fragile Earth

Filled with a burning urge to tell a visual story about our fragile, irreplaceable earth, my ideas and drawings entered an intense synchronized dance on a mandala format. Partly planned, partly unfolding from expanding thoughts, this environmental earth mandala emerged and crystalized into its final form. 

Environment poster
Our Fragile Earth: a visual representation of our rare and precious earth in the universe, a think piece

What is a mandala? And what are they used for?

Mandalas originated in Asian cultures. They are used to visually represent the universe and they act as guides for meditation practices and for teaching. Filled with symbolism and meaning, they work as mental maps for concentrating the mind. 

What do the colours in the Fragile Earth mandala design mean?

Yellow: joy and happiness
Red: energy and passion
Blue: healing and inner peace
Green: connection and love of nature
White: awareness and truth 
Black: deep thinking, individuality, and facing our dark side 
Pink: love

What are the symbols? And what do they mean?

The stars: the universe
The sun: life and energy
The large trees (usually bell entrances to the centre of a mandala): openness, allowing entrance to wisdom and clarity 
The trees and plants: energy and the air we breathe
The animals: sentient life 
The land and river: the saying: stand like a mountain, flow like water
Flowers: unlocking a healthy life
The lotus flower in the centre: perfect balance, beauty, knowledge and clarity.
The swallow (my logo): the northern and southern hemispheres as a whole, equality

I will now leave you to generate your own meanings and think about the implications of this Fragile Earth mandala design. 

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