Hello. My name is Ann Macdonald.  

Welcome to Nyenganyenga Art and Design.

What does nyenga nyenga mean?

Nyenganyenga /nyenga nyenga/ is the Shona word for a swallow. Shona is a language spoken in southern Africa. Swallows migrate between northern Europe and southern Africa  and so they represent the environments that inspire my work.

To hear the pronunciation of ‘nyenga nyenga’, listen to the short recording:

What matters at Nyenganyenga Art and Design?

At Nyenganyenga Art and Design it matters to:Nyenganyenga values

  • think globally, and act locally
  • continuously learn more about our human impact on our earth
  • strive to create products that support greener, more sustainable living
  • strive for a kinder, more caring and fairer society.

You can be sure that my designs and blogs are created to support you with sustainable living, green knowledge and values, resisting waste and local community building.


My raison d’être*

*reason for being

My childhood was spent on a farm in the savannah woodlands of southern Africa. This instilled in me a love for animals and plants. As I reached my mid to late teens I became deeply aware of the social inequality that ran along racial lines in the region

I spent my working life teaching (mostly in disadvantaged communities), and working in community and educational publishing. From this I have experience in illustrating, writing, editing, and a range of digital skills. Throughout my career I was committed to social justice.

Now I am focussing on my love of the natural world, with its great strength and fragility and  our human interactions within the environment. And as I go along I am committed to learning more about what is happening to the planet.

I feel  passionately that I can design and write about things that could make a difference. I want my work to bring pleasure and awareness to all who long to make things better for planet A.

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